Mini-Ball School

The idea of a Ball School programme for toddlers and pre-schoolers, i.e. for children aged 3 to 6, was first developed in 2009. It was based on the insight that a versatile, child-oriented early intervention of motor skills which emphases joyful and non-instructed implicit learning can bring about particularly constant effects.

The Mini-Ball School’s implementation works in several ways:

  1. The Mini-Ball School is implemented by trained Ball School staff or students at the Institute of Sports and Sports Science (ISSW) and kindergartens within the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area (MRN)
  2. The Mini-Ball School is implemented independently by trainers with C-level certification in one of the sports games and trained by Ball School Heidelberg in sports clubs within the MRN
  3. The Mini-Ball School is implemented independently by trained nursery nurses in kindergartens within the MRN


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